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What is mY Dental Health app ?

Educate yourself and stay up-to date with your dental hygiene. This interactive app has various components, including a 3D link, which helps you take a custom photo allowing you to highlight areas that need improvement in oral hygiene. mY dental health is a bridge between the Dentist/hygienist and the patient, allowing patients to take control of their oral hygiene by showing them specific oral hygiene measures to take as suggested by their dental professional.

The app is designed to be used by both Dentist/hygienist and the patient. The dentist has ability to constantly update which areas of patient’s mouth need improvement, while patient will now have liberty to review what dentist said in that dental chair!

How often do you forget to floss or skip that dental review appointment? Not anymore! mY Dental health sends you daily reminders to floss every night and 6 monthly reminders for your dental appointment. So you’re in control of your Oral health now!

How does it work?

  • The app can be downloaded by the patient while he/she is in dental chair.
  • The Dentist then sits down with patient while giving Oral hygiene instructions and can manually enter in the 3D software areas where patient needs to focus for Brushing, Flossing, Interdental Brushing and End-tuft brushing.
  • The information entered in the 3D software is then saved within the app under “mY Preview” and can later be accessed by patient anytime, anywhere.Now, there is no excuse about forgetting to floss or brush your teeth.
  • The app sends daily notifications to Brush and Floss every night.
  • The app also allows you to time yourself while brushing and flossing.
  • Most importantly, how often do we miss our 6 monthly dental appointments or forget about dental appointment made just weeks ago. Not anymore! Now with mY Dental appointment you can enter your appointment date and time, which reminds you of your upcoming dental appointment.